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Notes: Black Line, Part 3
Gah, I hate the feeling of insufficient work! I didn't put as much time into it as I should. I don't apologize, but it upsets me. I'm also curious still to see how much a 3 of 3 can potentially scuttle chances of continuation, but the prompt was too perfect for it.

The original ending had a much different spin, with the central idea that we can't escape who we are. In that one, like here, Henry thinks that he's risking destroying his own time, but actually manages to destroy Bridgett's. However this doesn't change who Henry is, so we see him sitting down for the same conversation with a totally different girl. Looked at another way, Henry has to have a girl who spurs him to have the cause to create time travel, and Older Henry was going to be used to reinforce that fact.


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